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NETCARE Consulting specializes in digital marketing and has a team of Marketing Consultants who are passionate about helping businesses be seen by their target customers online and via social media. We utilize a unique marketing methodology to amplify our clients' message across various marketing channels, including Search Engine Optimization, Influencer Marketing, and Paid Targeting campaigns. NETCARE Consulting values partnership and working with amazing brands to tell their story online.

We have In-house teams that specialize in different areas of digital marketing. Our teams work alongside the Marketing Consultants who utilize the OCMX methodology to ensure that all aspects of their clients' digital marketing are thoroughly covered.


NETCARE Consulting differentiates itself from traditional digital marketing agencies by utilizing its OCMX methodology to empower its consultants and teams to bridge the gap between traditional digital marketing agencies and in-house specialist teams. By leveraging this methodology, NETCARE Consulting is able to provide a comprehensive approach to digital marketing while also providing a level of specialization and expertise that is typically found in in-house teams. This unique approach may set NETCARE Consulting apart from other digital marketing agencies and position them as a valuable partner for businesses looking to improve their online presence and reach their target customers.

OCMX methodology utilized by NETCARE Consulting is based on data and ROI lead campaigns, rather than assumptions and guesswork that are typically found in traditional marketing strategies. This approach allows NETCARE Consulting to leave no stone unturned in their marketing execution and ensures that they engage with consumers on the most effective channels, at the right time, and with the most relevant content.

We are able to drive lower cost per acquisition while amplifying their clients' exposure. NETCARE Consulting places an emphasis on maximizing customer-generated, influencer, and curated content as a core component of their OCMX methodology.

NETCARE Consulting values not only their clients' success but also their team members and the world around them. By striving to do the right things and work hard, NETCARE Consulting is committed to conducting business in a better way. Our approach to build strong, long-lasting relationships with clients, attract and retain top talent, and contribute positively to the wider community.

NETCARE Consulting is not just a typical agency that prioritizes superficial perks, such as table tennis and unlimited snacks, over delivering exceptional work for their clients. Instead, they share a mission to deliver outstanding work with a purpose. This purpose-driven approach may help them to create meaningful results for their clients, team members, and the wider community, rather than just focusing on short-term gains or flashy perks.

NETCARE Consulting values communication that is meaningful and engaging, rather than solely focused on selling their services. By prioritizing having something to say, NETCARE Consulting able to build more authentic connections with their clients and deliver communication that resonates with their audience.

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